Why sell my lease to Telium?

As an owner receiving rent from a telecom operator or telecom infrastructure management company, there are 3 reasons that you may have an interest in selling your lease to Telium:

To raise capital

By selling your property or the right to collect rent for your property to Telium, as soon as the agreements are signed, you will receive substantial funding that you can then use to pay off or fund work on your property, or invest in new equipment (a new lift for a joint-ownership property in an urban setting, new farming equipment for a farmer or cooperative, etc.). Unlike conventional real estate (land, buildings, etc.) mobile tower leases do not have an organised market to make quick sales under the right conditions. Telium is the answer to this problem.

To delegate management

Once the transaction is completed, you no longer need to manage the lease as Telium will take care of everything. This includes accounting, monitoring rent payments, managing the relationship with the mobile operator (or infrastructure management company in case of delegation), lease renewal negotiations, etc.

To reduce your risks

Mobile tower leases are likely to be cancelled or renegotiated by telecoms operators that are looking to control their costs. When you sell your lease, Telium takes full responsibility for this risk. If the lease is cancelled or renegotiated in the future, you will not have to reimburse Telium for any portion of the previously affected selling price.